Poetry: Waiting in Vain


Maghihintay ako
abutin man ng isang siglo.
Nanadito lang ako…
nakaupo, nagyoyosi
sa lugar na itinakda mo.

Mamuti man ang mata ko,
pagtinginan man ako ng tao,
basta para sa iyo
…maghihintay ako.
Taon na ang nakalipas, mahal.
Maputi na ang aking buhok,
kulubot na ang dating masigla kong balat.
Malungkot na ang dating mapusyaw kong kutis…
ngunit narito pa rin ako.
Naghihintay, nananalig.
Sa pangako mong ika’y babalik.
Babalik sa mga bisig kong
minsan na ring nagkanlong
sa hapo mong katauhan.

mga bisig ko…
na siya mong naging gabay
sa pagsilbi sa bayang lubog sa
kumunoy ng paghihirap…ng panunupil.
Mapagod man ang mortal kong katawan
huwag kang mangamba aking mahal.
Itutuloy ko ang paghihintay
doon…sa lupain ng mga diwata,
sa lupain na ipinangako.

dahil batid ko, irog…

…doon ka rin patungo.


Reproductive Health Bill, SONA, and a bag of Ilocos Chichacorn



Nibbling some chichacorn from a friend who is based in Ilocos, I carefully chewed PNoy’s SONA. Did he really endorse the Reproductive Health Bill when he mentioned Responsible Parenthood? Was that his intention? Was he just making “pa-cute” like what he always does? Did he finally have the balls to fight for women’s rights?

I looked down on my bag of chichacorn. Half empty…or half full. Just like PNoy’s statement. It’s there but not there. Parang Malabo. But, that’s better than nothing at all. Well and good that Abi Valte confirmed that it was, indeed, PNoy’s intention to bring it up. He had to rephrase it to cater to the emotions of the priests and the religious.

After the delivery of his 8000-words SONA, calls for the immediate passage of the Reproductive Health Bill are overwhelming. People are more open and honest on how they want this bill to be passed and how they see it as the light at the end of the tunnel.

The chichacorn is now gone. I fully absorbed every bit and tid of it. This is it. We should not stop here. We should continue to fight for every Filipina’s right for a better reproductive health. I digested the fact that the youth needs further sex education that can be seen thru the passage of the RH Bill. I know, we have to shoot past the chains of the CBCP and the conservatives, but we have to stand up and continue fighting.

Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood are two things that is just like salt and msg that coats the chichacorn. It gives the flavour, makes every single penny spent worthy. Without it, life will be tasteless, coarse, and unhappy. We need salt and msg to fully enjoy the chichacorn, as we need RH Bill to fully enjoy quality life.


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Reproductive Health Bill and the PBB Teens.


The past week has been very busy for my twitter handle. The #RHBill hashtag finally made it to the trending topics! I spent almost the whole day talking about the Reproductive Health Bill among teens, refuting and debunking their claims against the bill.

It is alarming that the youth have so many misconceptions about the bill, and their Reproductive Health per se. it is devastating that, upon engaging in debates with these clueless youth, they seem to know more about the PBB Teens than the bill that would protect them and somehow guarantee a brighter future.

I am appalled at how they feel every success by making stuff like MYRVESHangover MYRVESonPrincessandI, MyrtleMeetsSarahG MYRVESonGGV, HappyMonthsaryMyrtle and EkEk trend in twitter while being completely apathetic to the fact that Philippines has the highest number of teen pregnancies in Asia.

Here are some of the funniest, most alarming teen misconceptions that I have encountered:

1. RH Bill is anti-life.

For some, RH Bill will be the catalyst for the moves to legalize abortion. Errr…try again. The constitution protects the unborn (by the unborn, I mean the actual baby inside the mother’s womb, after conception), and there is no way that the Reproductive Health Bill can change that. Children, abortion is and will remain illegal here in the Philippines, even if our legislators eventually decide to go for the RH Bill.

2. RH Bill will promote pre-marital sex among teens; especially now that they will be given access to condoms and other modern contraceptives.

Kids, the concept of sex is everywhere. Novels, TV Shows, news, telenovelas,heck even cartoons have some sexy parts inserted in it, some even pornographic.

Contrary to that claim, RH Bill aims to educate youth on their sexuality, teaching them the negative effects of getting unwanted pregnancies, and other things. I am not condoning premarital sex, nor promoting it, but it would be better if everyone practices safe sex. I am just being true to myself.

3. I don’t support RH Bill because I am a devout Catholic. (Translation: Our parish priest says I should not, so I simply obey)

Sure. I am a devout Catholic myself, but that fact does not hamper my thoughts on why there is a need to pass the RH Bill. I care about all the mothers out there, bringing in a life with fear of death. 11 (or so) mothers die every day just by giving birth, the least that I can do? Support something that would prevent these unnecessary deaths.

I can never let the priests/pastors dictate me on how I should run my life. I was given intellect and free will to discern what’s right from wrong. Also, it wouldn’t be fair if I let the priests, who definitely have no vagina, decide what is best for my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit.

4. I don’t support RH Bill because…errr…just because.

This one’s a classic. Reading similar tweets/reactions makes me want to bang my head against the wall, or bang their heads against the wall to knock some consciousness in them. These are the types of kids that have the ability to discuss the whole PBB Teens Edition, episode by episode, yet fail to even understand what the RH Bill has to offer. Children, hindi bawal ang mag-isip.

Kids, you devote too much time on following this Myrtle or Yves teens, yet fail to read and understand the one bill that is badly needed by our country. Sure we have other problems, but all are equally important and can be solved by different solutions. RH Bill will address a part of our problems, not all. If you can research all details about these PBB Teen Edition cast’s lives, surely you can dig up some facts on your health too.

PBB Teens lived in a make-believe world. They were fed, taken care of, watched, and controlled. They did not need to “work” to eat inside the house. We, on the other hand, struggle to live. This is the real world. This is where we live in. This world right here is harsh. Wake up, read and be informed.

Just my two cents.

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The Jinxed Apple Poetry: Turning Point (Para kay Derek Ramsay at sa Reproductive Health Bill)


Turning Point

Sa pagpasok ko sa kaharian ni Morpheus
unti-unti kitang naaninag.
Naroon ka

Nariyan na ako, mahal.
Papalapit sa kaligayahan
na tanging si Luna lamang ang makapagbibigay.

Patakbo mo akong sinalubong.
Buong sabik akong niyapos…
Tinitigan at hinagkan pang mag muli.
Ikinulong sa mala-kadena mong mga bisig.

Samantalahin natin, mahal.
Habang nasa kamay ko ang galamay ng orasan
…hawakan mo ako.

Sabay tayong naglakad,
hawak-kamay nating binagtas ang dako paroon.

Doon, kung saan di nila tayo
makikita’t makikilala.
Doon, kung saan walang sinuman
ang makapaghihiwalay sa atin.

Ngunit sadyang malupit ang tadhana.
Muli’y ginising nya si Helios
at pinatulog si Luna.

Pinadala nya ang liwanag…
liwanag na unti-unting lumamon sa iyo.
doon sa lupain ng mga diwata.
Doon, sa lupaing di ko pa nararting.

Ako nama’y itinulak pabalik.
Pabalik sa aking pinagmulan.
Dito, kung saan walang mga diwata
kundi mga bwitreng naka-abito.

Dito, kung saan buwaya
ang kalaban.
kung saan ang mga ina ay tinatapakan,
pinagdadamutan ng karapatang
pangalagaan ang kanilang
pamilya at kagalingan.

Dito, sa totoong mundo.
Kung saan ika’y modelo

at ako,
isang hamak na inhinyera lang.

Isang gabi na naman ang dumaan.



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Election Series Poetry: Kasiguraduhan (A Tribute to Hacienda Luisita Farmers)


Hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa ganap ang pagpapa-laya sa mga magsasaka at pisante ng Hacienda Luisita. Hindi sa paglabas ng utos ng korte suprema natatapos ang laban, patuloy natin silang suportahan.


(Alay sa mga Martir ng Hacienda Luisita)


Sa bawat taas-kamaong pagsalubong,
sa bawat matamis na ngiti ng mga maggagawang bukid,
sa bawat pagpapahayag ng suporta ng batayang masang
binubugbog at pinaglalaruan ng naghaharing uri.

Sa bawat pagsigaw ng katarungan ng mga kasamang naiwan
nasasalamin ang mga matatamis na ngiti ng martir ng tubuhan.

Ang kaligayahan at kasiguruhan.
Gamitan man ng kapangyarihan,
harangan man ng bala,
kumutan man ng tubig at kemikal
ang ating mga pagal na katawan,

Hindi matitibag ang ating hanay.
Itutuloy natin ang laban.
Itutuloy natin hanggang kamatayan.



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The Jinxed Apple Poetry: Si Mang Jose at PNoy


This poem was written to describe PNoy’s 100th day in office. Just sharing.

Si Mang Jose at PNoy
(09-28-2010 / Palengke ng Balintawak)

Si Mang Jose.
Superhero na pwedeng arkilahin.
Tagapag-ligtas sa mga kalaban
na ang mata ay color yellow.

Si P-Noy,
Ang nagpupumilit maging superhero.
Sinasabing siya ang tagapag-ligtas
ng lahing inaapi.
Kulay niya ang color yellow.

Kahit yata si P-Noy ay nalito
patungo sa sinasabi niyang daan ng pagbabago.
Isandaang araw na ang nakalipas,
ang naghaharing uri pa rin kumukumpas.

Ang bayang kanyang umano’y ililigtas,
naririrto’t lalong lumalagaslas.

Ngayo’y hinihintay ko na,
matapos ang kanyang unang isangdaang araw,
si P-Noy ay magpapaliwanag
hihingi ng panahon…
muling mangangako…
muling maghahanap ng mapag-bubuntunan…
muling magbabato ng putik sa kalaban.

Malabo nang muling maka-uto,
ano man ang ipangako’y
di na muling tatatak pa
sa isip ng maralitang taga-lungsod.

Tapos na ang madyik, P-Noy.
Tapos na ang palabas.

Si Mang Jose,
ang superhero na pwedeng arkilahin.
Matapos yun, bigla kang sisingilin.

Si P-Noy,
Ang superhrong nagpupumilit.
Hindi man halata, doble kung maningil.



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Intro to the Big Show: The Jinxed Apple Election 2013 Series



Bilang pag-tugon ko sa panawagan ng isang kaibigang naninilbihan bilang tagapag-salita ng COMELEC, isang serye ng mga tula at ilang komentaryo patungkol sa eleksyon ang aking susubukang ilabas. Layunin kong maipahayag, sa aking munting paraan, ang aking mga saloobin ukol sa mga kampanya, pulitiko, uri ng pulitika, at kung ano-ano pang drama at kwento sa likod ng halalan sa Pilipinas. Kasama na rin ang paghikayat sa ating mga kababayan sa iba’t-ibang panig ng mundo na maki-bahagi sa darating na eleksyon.

Batid kong malayo pa bago maging mapanuri ang Pilipino sa pag-boto. Likas kasi tayong mababait at madaling maniwala sa pambobola. Masakit man pero, madaling ma-uto kumbaga. Hinahayaan nating abusuhin ng mga bwitreng pulitiko ang kahinaan nating mga Pilipino: ang pangakong i-aangat tayo sa kumunoy ng kahirapan. Nais ko na sa mga susunod na araw ay maituwid ang kaisipan ng mga kapwa ko Pinoy at masabi sa kanila na maging mapanuri at mapag-matyag sa mga pangakong bibitawan ng mga pulitiko. Hindi lang ang grandyosong campaign ads sa tv ang batayan, kundi ang plataporma at kung gaano ito kalapit sa katotohanan.

Ang pag-boto o pagkiki-isa sa halalan ay ating karapatan at responsibilidad sa bayan. Maswerte tayo at nabiyayaan tayo ng isang demokratikong pamahalaan kung saan tayo mismo ang nagluluklok ng mga lider na sa ating palagay ay nararapat para sa posisyon. Ibinigay sa atin ang kapangyarihang mamili, gamitin natin ito ng tama at huwag sayangin.

Mula sa araw na ito hanggang sa araw ng halalan, susubukan kong abutin ang mga Pilipino, sa pamamagitan ng literatura at konting pagpapa-pansin.


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The Jinxed Apple Poetry: Sayang



Sayang. Sinagot na sana kita noon…
nung pwede pa…
nung may panahon pa.

Sayang. Naging tayo pa sana..
yung masayang naglalambingan sa ilalim
ng liliw ng ulan.

Sayang. ‘Di ko man lang iyon naranasan.
Maaga kasi tayomg nagkapaalamanan.
‘Di ko man lang nasabi…


Sayang. Binigyan pa sana kita ng pagkakataon…
pagkakataong maipakita mo ang tunay na
nung may panahon pa…
nung ‘di pa huli ang lahat.

Ngayon, habang pinapanood ko ang paghimlay sa pagal na katawan.
Habang nakikita ko ang lahat ng pagtangis.
Lahat ng pagdaramdam.
saka ko ito naisip.
Saka ako naghinayang.

Habang nasisilayan ko ang unti-unting pagpatak
ng butil-butil mong luha.
Habang inaalay mo ang huling dosena ng rosas na puti.
Habang halos ikamatay mo na rin ang pagtabon
sa bago kong tahanan.

Naisip ko,

Sayang talaga…

The Jinxed Apple Poetry: Imposible




Nagkalapit tayo sa panahon ng aking pananangis.
Iniwan ako ng lahat, pero ikaw,
nanatili ka lang sa aking tabi.
Nakatayo, nakikisama.
Sumasabay sa bawat hikbi ko’t pagluha.
Sumama sa paglubog ko sa kumunoy ng kahirapan.
Dumamay sa pag-gapi ko sa problema.

Mula noon,
Unti-unting lumago ang pagmamahal ko sa ‘yo.
Ang maliliit na kulisap,
naging makulay na paro-paro.
Sumisirko, umiikot, nananahan,
dito sa sikmura ko.
Sa tuwing makakasama kita, tila ba nagsasayawan sila.
Maisip lang kita, kakaibang kiliti ang nadarama ko.

Naisip ko tuloy,
Pano kung maging tayo?
Pano kung tayo na nga?
Ako na siguro ang pinakamaligayng tao.
Sana nga. Sana nga talaga.

Pero hindi. Imposible.
Hindi maaring mangyari.

Dahil kagaya ko, iyon rin ang linya mo.
Ang ipinaglalaban, karapatan ng kababaihan.
Laban sa pang-aabuso, laban sa karahasan.
Imposible dahil kagaya ko…

…babae ka rin.


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Love, Homosexuality, and Miriam Quiambao


There are two things that i would rather not talk about at the same time; religion and homosexuality. In a casual conversation, you’ll end up either offending someone or loosing yourself in the process of expressing your thoughts about it.


Last Saturday, former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao was the guest on one of the most sensible shows in ABS-CBN (Bottom Line with Boy Abunda).  Being a former Miss Universe contestant, it is predictable that Boy would ask about her stand on Trump’s decision to allow transgenders to compete for the title. It is known that Quiambao openly disagrees with this decision, and vocally expressed it through several interviews.



“Homosexuality is not a sin but it is a lie from the devil. Do not be deceived. God loves gays and wants them to know the truth” (exact words from Miriam Quiambao’s tweet).


When I was in college, a “manong” refused to sell some burgers to my gay best friend, telling him that homosexuals are the works of the devil, blah, blah. That was the first time I saw someone discriminate a gay right in his face. It was a nasty act that brings nasty feelings.

Ten years after, this exact argument was brought up by Quiambao. I never expected such from her, being surrounded by LGBT people in her chosen career. Nobody saw that coming, an unfriendly and discriminating remark from someone being idolized by gays everywhere. In my own opinion, there is nothing wrong with being homosexual. It is not a sin and certainly not the lie from the devil. Never is and never will be.



Here’s the thing: I believe that homophobes are homosexuals trapped in their own skin, scared of the truth that they are concealing beneath their blanket of faith. Miriam Quiambao’s journey as a beauty queen is marked by the highest support from LGBT community. She may express her disagreement on the Ms. Universe issue, but going deeper is just not right. Everything is all about respect. If she chose to be straight, good for her, but she should also respect the choice of other people, their sexual preference and most importantly their way of life. Calling homosexuality as a “lie of the devil” is tantamount to saying all LGBT are works of the devil: evil, lewd, vulgar beings that can do nothing but contribute to the abomination of mankind. Where is the love? Where is the respect?


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