Anti-‘no permit, no exam’ bill passed in House (Yess!!!)


In the Philippines, there are only three ways in which one can get really rich: that’s (a) create a religious sect, (b) run for public office and (c) build a school. Out of the three, building a school is the most likely to succeed.  Their success is attributed to overly-bloated tuition fees, insanely-high miscellaneous fees, ultra-low wages for academic and non-academic personnel and yes, the imposition of the “No Permit-No Exam” (NPNE) policy.

During my term as the central student government president of a catholic school in Manila (which I refuse to name), fighting against the NPNE policy is one of my 8-point agenda. I even pointed out that according to Section 99, Article 20 of the Manual of Regulation for Private Higher Education, “No high education institutions (HEI) shall deny final examination for students who has outstanding financial or property obligation including unpaid tuition and other school fees corresponding to the school term.” I knew the gravity of the law that I would like to ask from the priests who run school, but I still went for it, suntok sa buwan. After a school year of debate and tons of malicious cases filed against me by the Office of Student Affairs, I accepted my defeat and gave up. It’s the end of it.

But when I saw the news this afternoon that the Anti-‘no permit, no exam’ bill was passed in House, i realized that the spark of hope is still alive for those who simply can’t afford paying tuition fees on time. If this bill is finally passed and made into a law, students and parents will no longer be deprived of a great future, especially in a country where a college degree is all that matters. Take that, Private Schools!

Kudos to Kabataan Partylist Rep. Raymond Palatino and to all congressmen who wrote this bill. Your efforts are really appreciated by many students. You are loved.

Just my two cents.

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