A Pinay’s Standpoint: The Reproductive Health Bill


 Sanctity and Dignity of Life

On my way to my usual spot at a coffee shop in a mall in Quezon City, I came across a young mother of three begging on the streets. She was clad in dirty clothes, carrying an infant on one arm and holding two kids on the other. I can tell that the children are spaced in no more than two years, and the oldest perhaps not older than six years old. Since the traffic was horrible, I was able to follow where they go to rest. The have a carton laid on the street, seeking shelter from the roof of the northbound entrance of MRT Ortigas Station. My heart sank. Then I remembered my twitter adversary, telling me that the Catholic Church upholds the sanctity and dignity of life. In the case of the poor woman and her children, how on earth did the Catholic Church uphold the sanctity and dignity of their lives? Had she been educated of proper child spacing and sex education, I doubt that she’ll end up like this, miserable and begging for loose change of people. If the Pro-life people claim that the Reproductive Health Bill is a religious issue, then they should even join rallies to promote it. In fighting against the RH Bill, they deprive this poor woman a dignified life and imply that it’s okay to bear so many children even if you cannot provide for them. In my opinion, that is genuine hypocrisy. I am not anti-life, I am Pro-quality of life.


One of my twitter adversaries, a staunch pro-lifer, laid out a very interesting computation of the ratio of land versus the population of the Philippines, it goes like this:               

Land Area of the Philippines in square kilometers: 300,000

Land Area in square meters: 300,000,000,000

Total Population: 95,000,000 (estimated)

Ratio of area per person: 3,100 square meter per person

Conclusion: The area is relatively high per person, hence no overpopulation.

Data used for the presentation above is real, no doubt about that. But the manner of analyzing it is so misleading. Looking straight at the presentation, you can see that he may be correct. The ratio of area vs. the population is overwhelming. That is true if there are no costly villages and subdivisions, business offices, establishments, etc. and will be true if he can prove to me that he can live in the middle of EDSA, because that space is counted on his assumption. Kids, this computation and analysis can be and will only be true if all of the covered area of the Philippines is suitable for living. This man failed to exclude the major establishment, roads, and other infrastructures that consume more than half of our entire area in computing the ratio of area per person. This is one argument that nobody bothered to rebut, because it has no substance. It only goes to show how the pro-lifers present their data, shallow.

Maternal Deaths and Unwanted Pregnancies 

Claims on the number of maternal deaths and its causes change day by day. The pro-lifers claim that the number dropped dramatically from 11 to 4 per year, thus no need for the RH Bill. In my honest opinion, those numbers, may it be 4, 5, 6, 11 or 45, are still considered deaths associated with improper child spacing, lack of competence of medical personnel handling birthing, etcetera.

I am completely dismayed by the lack of sympathy of those “pro-life” and “moral” people to those who died due to such. For me, it’s more like disregard them because they’re already dead. Where is the regard for human life there? Again, another classic case of hypocrisy.

I can only discuss a few arguments about the bill for these are the ones that I believe are worth discussing. Others like citing Misoprostol (Cytotec) to be part of the essential medicines stipulated in Section 10 of the RH Bill is outright funny because it is a common knowledge that selling those here is Illegal. Another is that the RH Bill is promoting abortion when in fact; common sense dictates us that abortion is, again, illegal under our laws. Etcetera, etcetera.

The Reproductive Health Bill is giving us access to the things that are considered taboo in our society. It gives us freedom to choose on how we plan to manage our resources and value the dignity of human life. That, for me, is the real essence of being a pro-life.

But then again, its just my two cents.




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  1. “I am completely dismayed by the lack of sympathy of those “pro-life” and “moral” people to those who died due to such. For me, it’s more like disregard them because they’re already dead. Where is the regard for human life there? Again, another classic case of hypocrisy.”

    Exactly how I feel.

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