The Jinxed Apple conquers “Ang Pulo”


The Jinxed Apple, bound by the quest to find the Ultimate Tambay Place, landed to a place in Ortigas called “Ang Pulo”.

It is one of the hidden havens of tambays, located behind MC Home Depot-Ortigas, Near Auto Camp and Smashville. It wasn’t that hard to find, thanks to Google Maps on my phone and detailed set of directions from a friend (let’s call him STRANGER). Its location is so strategic to OPM couples (On ‘Pag Magkasama), Ortigas yuppies, and people like me who just want one genuine tambay moment.

I was with Stranger and his best friend (let’s call him BROKEBACK BESY). We ordered beer and good old isaw. Relatively, beer in this island is cheaper than other spots (a bottle costs only Php 38.00), so perfect for those people who prefer to just sit down, drink and be merry.

Thank you, Stranger. You gave me a bit of heaven on earth. 🙂

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