While watching late night news after my “muntik-ng-maging-late” dinner, I came across the headline showing CGMA leaving NAIA after she was denied to leave the Philippines. Apparently, Mrs. Arroyo backed by a TRO issued by the Supreme Court, attempted to fly to Singapore to seek medical treatment.


Technically, she can already go outside of the country. The Supreme Court, spearheaded by the Midnight Appointee Justice R. Corona, issued a Temporary Restraining Order seeking to stop the Hold Departure Order of PNoy and let the Arroyos travel abroad, provided they will pay a P2Million-court bond. Barya. Payat.


I must give due credit to the immigration officer who refused the Arroyos to board the aircraft. Isa kang bibo at matapang na bata. Though it is one’s constitutional right to travel, the Arroyos should have delicadeza not to seek medical treatments abroad. One, CGMA’s medical condition is not life-threatening (as per a doctor-friend) and secondly, if they’re in this to clear their names, why leave the country?


I know the Arroyos will do all in their power to fully exercise their right to travel and escape from graft and corruption cases. We all should be vigilant in not letting Mrs. Arroyo “escape” before any court finds her and her family guilty or innocent.

But not too much, of course. With how things are happening right now, she may use such to vindicate herself and claim that she and her family is being politically abused and harrased. In refusing to abide by the SC Ruling, DOJ somehow conveniently ignored the judiciary. While we are not happy about it, we have to respect their decision.


Oh well, there goes my two cents.







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    • There are multiple plunder cases to be filed against Mrs. Arroyo and other members of her family. Her stance of seeking medical treatment abroad for a sickness that can be cured by our Filipino doctors seems like she just wants to escape from it. Her medical condition is something that the doctors in the best hospitals here.

      Though it is her constitutional right to seek medical treatment abroad, the timing isn’t just right. Just my two cents.

      Greetings from my hell hole in Makai. 🙂

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