The Day I Gave in to Good Media Advertising and Other Chopsuey.


Joining the Magnum Craze Wagon

Last March 22, I once again became “marupok”. I admit, I gave in to the great media advertising of this over-rated ice cream. Yeah, the sceptic in me wanted to try the ice cream to prove one thing: that we have the best advertisers in the planet.

I tried Magnum Truffles, Magnum Classic, and Magnum Almond. I expected that this one has nothing fancy to offer, but to my dismay, it’s even worse than what I have in mind. The ice cream itself is flavourless. The Belgian chocolate coating is overly-sweet, even for me who is a sucker for sweet stuff. If they are trying to balance-out the sweetness of the coating and the blandness of the ice cream, it was not achieved. The sweetness overpowers your palette thus leaving an alarmingly sweet after taste that is not really pleasing to the taste.

For Php 55.00, the ice cream is not really worth it. A caramel sundae from McDonalds will be more worth every single penny, and it costs less than the Magnum Ice Cream Bar.

Over-all, I give 5-stars to the advertisers and 2-stars for the ice cream. Or even 1.5stars or something.


Education is NOT a RIGHT, or so does this idiot blogger say.


While noynoying in the office, I came across a blog article that says Education is not a Right. My gulay. Either the writer is a total idiot or doesn’t know how to read.

Article XIV Section 1 of the Philippine Constitution clearly states that “The State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.” WTH is this blogger thinking?! If he wants attention and a lot of followers in writing down his idiocy, he definitely got it.

The blogger contests that UP Students, whom he branded as leftist communists, are making taxpayers their slaves. We pay taxes to send them to school yet they march on the streets and demand for higher education budget. The blogger either is “tanga” or conveniently refuses to accept facts. UP Students do not only fight for themselves, the fight for the right of every Filipino student having the same problems. At least those students have the balls to fight and stand up for what they believe is right. Being an activist does not equate to being a communist, but standing firm for your beliefs and fighting for it.

I have no problem of using my taxes to produce highly competent professionals. Reading his article sends this info to me, and I assume to most people who already read it: WHY WOULD I PAY FOR YOUR EDUCATION?! WHY WOULD I PAY FOR YOUR BENEFITS?! This blogger is nothing but a selfish sour-graping person who didn’t pass the UPCAT and deserves to live and die alone in a planet outside of the earth.

Hindi kailanman dapat tignan ang edukasyon bilang isang pribilehiyo ng mga nakaka-tass na uri, bagkus isang karapatan na karapat-dapat na matamasa ng bawat isa.


Undoing “Noynoying” is more Annoying.

Very Good Product placement there, Inquirer!


Few days ago, Malacañang released photos of the” working president”. Pictures reminded me of star cinema films who always have product placements. In this case, Philippine Daily Inquirer somehow emerged as the product being advertised. Boy, these Malacañang PR guys need to stay away from too much telenovela. All the pictures from the gallery looks very, very scripted. Release of such pictures is a futile attempt to save PNoy’s ass. Plain stupid and outright pathetic.


But then, it’s just my two cents. 🙂


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  1. I will never try magnum, unless it’s for free. Haha! Anyhow, who is this blogger, if you don’t mind? I want to read his ‘stupid’ article.

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