The Jinxed Apple Conquers Majayjay Falls


This paradise is a two-hour drive from Manila and a kilometre (or so) walk from the main road. I call it Laguna’s Biggest Fridge, because the water is soooo ice-cold. I wouldn’t call the falls per se as something majestic, but it’s truly one of the Philippines’ Best Kept Secret.

It was raining when we got there, so imagine trekking our way to the falls soaking wet with rainfall. Good thing I was in my Vibram© Five Fingers Toe Shoes kaya everything was easy. We arrived just in time for lunch, and then there was the boodle fight for food. Ah, life.

Here are some of the pictures from a good friend, Angelo Pingol.

Ehem. 🙂

Moolah Value ($$)

Entrance to the Falls will cost Php 20.00 per head. It covers the environmental fee, earth fee, air fee, fee for the maintenance, and all that. You know hot it is here in our country, everything has its price.

A tent would cost you Php 100.00 for a whole-day use. I would advise you to stay on the tents that are not too close to the water because water level rises slowly. You wouldn’t want your things to get wet towards the end of your stay.

You don’t need to bring ice. You just have to dip your drinks in the water, wait for a few minutes, and whalah! You now have an ice-cold drink in your hands.

Over-all, my trip to Majayjay Falls was surreal. Even if it was raining, it was still worth it. What more if the weather would cooperate, eh?

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