Day 1: A Celebrity That Inspires Me


I was back reading my old tumblr blog yesterday when I saw that I have a thirty-day blog challenge left half-done. I thought it would be okay to continue it and pick up where I left off, but then it would be better to start all over again. Now for my day 1, let me share a celebrity that inspires me.

It is really hard to pick just one celebrity that inspires me, but I had to. She is a fictional character that gives me a boost and frankly, I see myself in her. We have the similar ideals, hang ups, set of friends, opportunities, loves. She is fierce, fab, and absolutely free-spirited. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Miranda Hobbes.

Out of the four ladies of Sex and the City, Miranda is the one closest to who I am. She is career-driven, a loyal friend, a confidante, and she literally thinks outside of the box. She is sophisticated and smart, and she enjoys her life.

Although she’s a fictional character, I look up to her as my personal standard for success. She magnificently pulled-off all her endeavours; sex, career, and friends. I am definitely not be as promiscuous as she is, but in all modesty, I think we are at par in terms of career and friends.


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