Top 10 Wishes for my Birthday


My birthday would be a nearly a month away from now, and it is the perfect time to wish for things to happen. I am nearing thirty, so please, help me out. Here’s my list:

1. I wish that Manny Pacquiao would stop seeking any position in the government. (This can also be translated as “Sana hindi na maging uto-uto si Manny Pacquiao”)

2. I wish that the Hacienda Luisita Lands be equally and rightfully distributed to the farmers who gave their lives in tilling that soil.  For real.

3. Maging transgender para makasali sa Miss Universe 2013.

4. Mapagana ang Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

5. Mapabilang sa Forbes List of Billionaires.

6. For Noynoy Aquino to at least have the balls to run this country properly.

7. Mapanatag na ang Panatag Shoal.

8. Maka-date si DJ Pat ng Magic 89.9 o si Gino ng RX 93.1. (Di ako choosy)

9. Justice for Hacienda Luisita and Maguindanao Massacre victims.

10. A brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note.

I am accepting donations as early as now. Please send me a message over at

Gusto mo pang makipag-kulitan, mag-twitteran tayo sa twitter.


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