Nora Aunor, Reproductive Health Bill, and a Glass of Cosmopolitan


HBO’s Sex and the City is my all-time favourite TV series. I dreamed of being one of the girls, successful and empowered. I am doing my best to at least be at par with them in my own way. I envision others to be as successful as they are, both in career and personal life.

These days, it is still hard to compete with men. I belong to a male-dominated industry, and believe me; it is hard to get big breaks for women like me. Sadly, our society is never different. Women are still shelved thinking that we only have our ovaries to contribute to the society.

It breaks my heart to see that one of the bills that could really uphold women’s right is still stalled in the four corners of the plenary hall of the House of Representatives. Yes, I am talking about the Reproductive Health Bill. A bill that aims to educate women on choices, and make those available and accessible for the poor and marginalized sector deserves utmost importance than a bill seeking to penalize those who spit on public places, or a bill that seeks to include Nora Aunor in the country’s list of National Artists.

Do not get me wrong, Nora Aunor indeed deserves a spot on that list. She is, after all, the superstar. With the movies she made, the awards and other citations she had, she is one strong name out there. But, all I’m wondering is, there are a lot of pending bills in the HOR that needs immediate attention. These bills are part of PNoy’s priority bills, but I can’t see where it is going.

Pinoys waited (and is still waiting) for this bill for sixteen long years. One way or another, we have to take this bill seriously. If only our congressmen would stop and for heaven’s sake do something right, this is one of the bills that should be passed.

As I sip the last drop of my cosmopolitan in my usual spot in a bar in Tomas Morato, I can’t help to wonder. When would I see the Filipino women be at par with the level of success and freedom that these ladies from Sex and the City achieved?

And oh, Nora Aunor as a national artist? I need to get myself another glass. Waiter!


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