Sun, Sand, and a Slice of the Jinxed Apple


A Backpacking Adventure with friends is always fun. My weekend was spent conquering what they call as the heart of Oriental Mindoro: The White Beach at Puerto Galera. In this adventure, Boy Liit and Boy Laki were my bodyguards (or at least they looked like it).  My one-night quick escape to Manila’s hustle and bustle would never be the same without them. While they may be “women trapped in a man’s body”, they helped me realize that I am a “gay trapped in a woman’s body”. Boom.

Good times with a good friend. Much love!

Surprisingly, the sun wasn’t bad when we decided to hit the beach.  weather was calm, beach was calm, people were having a blast. 🙂

Talikod-genic! 🙂

Over-all, my quick escape was worth it. I cant wait to be back. 🙂

Follow all my “kabaliwan” and all crazy stuff here. Bilis!


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