My Skin, My Canvas


A fellow blogger that I follow requested me to post some of my tattoos here. I was a bit reluctant because for me, tattoos don’t give you any bragging right or add up a little “coolness” factor but a way of life and expression. One should really consider a lot of things in getting one. Its it painful? Yes, but the pain is tolerable.

After a day of thinking about it, I realized that I should be proud of all of it and post it here. After all, it’s my skin; my Canvas.

My first, and definitely not my last.

I had this one December 2008. After a year of contemplating on the design, I opted to have an original Filipino script (Baybayin, or mistakenly called Alibata by some Filipino teachers) that means “Pilipina”. It is to remind me of my roots, my own heritage; that wherever fate may take me, I am a Filipina by heart, by soul. I added up a jasmine flower, which is our country’s National Flower to give it a feminine touch. My childhood friend, Desi Marco Rabanal did it, but I had to have it redone by Ricky Sta. Ana’s Skinworkz Tattoo a year after.

Ikaw ang aking lakas.

Here is a matching tattoo with my best friend. While mine is located at my right hip, hers is done at the upper right portion of her back. It is an Arabic translation for “Strength”. We had it done to tell the world that she is my strength as I am hers. We draw our strength from each other, fuelling up our drive to survive life.

I am now planning to have another one, a Filipino prayer to be placed on my left ribcage parallel to my arm. It will be written in Baybayin script, since I am rooting for scriptures as tattoos. I’m looking for something that would be a nice addition to my collection, and retaining the meaning and reason why I choose to have tattoos.

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