Reproductive Health Bill, SONA, and a bag of Ilocos Chichacorn



Nibbling some chichacorn from a friend who is based in Ilocos, I carefully chewed PNoy’s SONA. Did he really endorse the Reproductive Health Bill when he mentioned Responsible Parenthood? Was that his intention? Was he just making “pa-cute” like what he always does? Did he finally have the balls to fight for women’s rights?

I looked down on my bag of chichacorn. Half empty…or half full. Just like PNoy’s statement. It’s there but not there. Parang Malabo. But, that’s better than nothing at all. Well and good that Abi Valte confirmed that it was, indeed, PNoy’s intention to bring it up. He had to rephrase it to cater to the emotions of the priests and the religious.

After the delivery of his 8000-words SONA, calls for the immediate passage of the Reproductive Health Bill are overwhelming. People are more open and honest on how they want this bill to be passed and how they see it as the light at the end of the tunnel.

The chichacorn is now gone. I fully absorbed every bit and tid of it. This is it. We should not stop here. We should continue to fight for every Filipina’s right for a better reproductive health. I digested the fact that the youth needs further sex education that can be seen thru the passage of the RH Bill. I know, we have to shoot past the chains of the CBCP and the conservatives, but we have to stand up and continue fighting.

Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood are two things that is just like salt and msg that coats the chichacorn. It gives the flavour, makes every single penny spent worthy. Without it, life will be tasteless, coarse, and unhappy. We need salt and msg to fully enjoy the chichacorn, as we need RH Bill to fully enjoy quality life.


More chichacorn and RH Bill here —>


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